The International Epidemiology Institute is a unique highly experienced biomedical research organization founded in 1994 by senior scientists from the National Cancer Institute, U.S.A. IEI provides state-of-the-science expertise for addressing the complex biomedical issues that confront both the public and private sectors, universities, and other institutions in today's rapidly changing world.

IEI staff possesses extensive and unique experience in epidemiologic research, having initiated and brought to fruition collaborative health studies in the United States, western and central Europe, Japan, Scandinavia, and China. The Institute offers this international experience together with a full range of epidemiologic activities from the design and execution of investigations to the evaluation and interpretation of study results, in order to understand the etiology and means of prevention of human illnesses.

Currently, IEI is actively involved in several large-scale NIH-funded collaborative research projects with Vanderbilt University such as the first-of-its kind prospective cohort study into the causes of higher rates of cancer among African Americans when compared with Whites, the Southern Community Cohort Study, in conjunction with Meharry Medical College, the oldest historically African American medical school in the United States. Other ongoing or completed studies include a randomized trial assessing a "polypill" in primary cardiovascular disease prevention; an investigation into the natural history of chronic renal failure; a cohort study of workers exposed to chlorinated solvents; a cohort study of semiconductor manufacturing workers; and a number of pharmacoepidemiologic investigations.

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